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Richard in the sexcastle Sex Story

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Erotic Literature contains: fucking, oral, anal, slight dominance

Erotic Story Summary:


A young man comes, after a long walk, to a castle. There, in the garden, he sees a sexy woman. She turns out to be the landlady of the castle. After a little chat, she invites him to her mansion. There, the young man has to find out that this lady is not only the landlady, but she is in fact a real slut! She sucks his cock and does swallow! But that's not all. The lady isn't satisfied yet. She takes the man to room upstairs where he has to screw her in every hole she's got. And they are not alone. A little surprise is waiting for them as well. Which one? Well, you have to find that out in this hot sex story.
That is, if you make it to the very end.... :)


I was walking through the forest. The afternoon sun was burning on my skin. When I had left home this afternoon, I did not yet think that I could suffer so much under this heat. I had turned twenty-five a couple of weeks ago and I was supposed to be in top shape. But now, three hours later I could have kicked myself for having been so dumb to even start this walk.

Furthermore, thirst was about to set in. But then a thought came to my mind. I still had two bottles of water with me in my rucksack. This really reassured me. I pulled the bottle out of my backpack, opened it and let the still cold water run down my thirsty throat. That felt good.

Then, after a short break, I was able to walk on. Here the path suddenly got narrower and the bushes turned thicker. I had trouble to get past them. But then I was awarded for all my labor. The forest ended here and I stood all of a sudden on a meadow.


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What about a lesbian story, or rather a lesbian orgy :


The Lesbo Party Sex Story


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Erotic literature contains: girl girl action, orgy, oral, anal, dildo, 69, squirting


Sex stories Summary:

In this erotic literature sex story, a woman awaits her three female friends for a party in her appartment. Actually she wants to sell some of the underwear she had bought. The three women do come. But the hostess finds out that one woman is not really interested in the clothing. She rather wants to kiss and fuck women! The hostess is very reserved at the beginning, but then she loses her shyness. In fact it doesn't take long and all four women are licking each other, sucking pussy, fucking and moaning like crazy! Wouldn't you wish to have neighbors like that? :)


The party was about to begin. That's how Francine saw it, who was the hostess tonight. In her penthouse high on the hills near the sea, she was standing now in the middle of the room and was looking at her work. A delicious bowl was standing on the table, as well as different sorts of chips and, of course, the champagne was ready and waiting for her guests.

She took a deep breath. This time, she had to be successful. She had already organized a party once, but that had rather been a flop. She had set prices much too high and therefore she had only sold a couple of bras by the end of the night. It had been a nice evening though but her ultimate goal, namely to sell her lingerie, she had not reached.

She went to the balcony door and opened it. A pleasant smell of gladioli and sea salt came to her nose. She glanced at the sea down below and heard the waves break. The sunset was already beginning and the water was glowing red...


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